From your great support and inspired with Flying Monkey’s spirit and belief,
here we present a new brand “VERVET”.

Our new brand VERVET has the best design, the best quality, and it’s phenomenal fit which always
presented and proven by Flying monkey and yet keeping the affordable price range to fulfill our
customers’ needs and tremendous requests. Here we are now proudly presenting what you
need, “VERVET” with best quality and best design for an affordable price!

Our Story
We are not inspired but we aspire. To share the most powerful sentiment found in either
testament. Love. Loved. we don't care about the likes, popularity spikes. we care for humanity,
In essence communitiy. Inspired by the many, brought to life by few. A few's wish to spread Love. 
To change the few into many. Love your enemy. 

To the people of earth, Inspired by Love, Vervet Denim. It's been such a genuine joy to design
and create this brand for you. I want to return the favor by spreading the love. Designing and
creating a brand that can be your companion through good times and bad. Remembering the
good ones,learning from the bad. Ultimately to become better people and to spead the love
together.  We can conquer the world.  Love, Vervet Denim

Vervet is a type of monkey. Flying Monkey Jeans is our mom company.
Vervet monkeys are the cutest in the monkey kingdom.Being the cutest monkeys entail
spreading joy and love to everyone around them. Vervet Denim just like the monkey it's named after,
is on a mission to spread joy and love to everyone around us with the latest trends, premium fabrics,
high quality washes, and legendary fit all at a price where anyone could accept love. 
Accept Love. Love your enemy.

Famous for it's ability to spread love and joy to anyone around it, Vervet Denim, like it's name origin
hopes to do just that. To spread love and joy to everyone around us by providing what we do best.
The latest trends, premium fabrics, high quality washes, and legendary fit all sewn up into a price that
all people can accept.  Accept love. Love your enemy. 

Vervet is a speicies of monkey that's actually known to be the cutest monkey in town. 
With that adorable demeanor comes its ability to make anyone around it to feel love and joy. 

Premium denim is great! But their price tags are not. Vervet is a way to enjoy premium denims' fit and finish 
without the hefty price tag. Confidant that in our value adding price zone, that no one is better.  We create our own zone, our own category. To feel the best while paying the best price. Seeing the value in our jeans rather than in a name. What we create is just what you need. To the world with love,
for the young woman and her amazing journey through life, Vervet.